The 4 Best Photo Editing Apps That Will Make You an Instagram Star

4 Brilliant Photo Editing Apps -

Ever wonder how those perfectly crafted Instagram photos came to be? Do you question how to look effortlessly flawless in your pictures?  Well we have the answer for you! With these easy-to-use and free apps you too can have professional looking photos with the tap of your finger on your iPhone screen!

1. Afterlight

4 Brilliant Photo Editing Apps -

This first app is one of our ultimate favorites! With this simple app you can easily upload a photo of your choice and get straight to editing! Afterlight makes it easy to adjust: clarity, brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, highlights, shadows, coloring, temperature, sharpening and much more! And for those who are looking for a quick edit or aren’t as skilled in photo editing, there are a range of filters to choose from! Over SIXTY total filters to be exact! With the option of purchasing even more! And not only does it include a various amount of filters to choose from, but also insanely awesome lighting streaks to add a little kick to your photos. You can also reverse, crop, and rotate your photos with ease. And finally, various frames are an option and perfect for social media uploads.


2. Aviary

4 Brilliant Photo Editing Apps -

Another upcoming and popular app, “Aviary,” is changing the look of your photos in just seconds! With this app you can enhance a photo to the degree in which you prefer, add customizing effects, frames, stickers, and even diminish blemishes quickly and easily! (A little secret we found is that the blemish remover can also be used for removing wrinkles and fine lines!) But that’s not even all of it! This app allows for direct coloring and discoloring of precise objects within the photo. In this way, you can enhance or conceal certain points within the photograph. Also, this app allows you to correct red eye and whiten teeth…how convenient!


3. Perfect 365



Ever get caught in a photo looking…not your best? Well this app can definitely help with that! This amazing little app allows you to actually apply makeup using the latest modern technology! Not only can you define your eyelashes, swipe on some blush, and apply concealer, but this app even has ready-made makeup styles that are easily applied to any face with the tap of a button! Some other features include: brightening of the eyes, lipstick, eye shadow, and even brow filler. More drastic features include: lifting of the cheekbones, reshaping of the nose, and even slimming of the face! Insane!


4. Makeup

4 Brilliant Photo Editing Apps -

The app “Makeup” is making waves in the Fashion Tech community. Technology is soaring to new heights as this app allows users to simply alter their look or even completely change it. With this handy app, you can change hairstyles and even base them off of your favorite celebrities! You can alter minute details such as eyelashes or even the color of your lashes! Users can be bold and dye their hair, add sunglasses over their faces, or even use a built-in mirror to virtually apply your makeup as you look into it. Other features also include: eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, fake lashes, brow definition and filling. This app is the equivalent to purchasing Photoshop for your face!


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The 4 Best Photo Editing Apps That Will Make You an Instagram Star

Ever wonder how those perfectly crafted Instagram photos came to be? Do...
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