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Andy is a futurist. He’s been a digital native since 1994, when he wrote a documentary called “Secrets of the Internet.” Along with his love of digital, scientists inspire him: brilliant people who make surreal discoveries and work to transform reality. Now, as one of the early pioneers of the service design industry, he helps transform the world’s biggest brands through innovative design.

Andy runs the Madrid studio of Fjord, a leading Service Design agency. He also authored chapters in O’Reilly’s book, Designing for Emerging Technologies. A compilation of works by industry experts in areas of user experience design related to genomics, robotics and the Internet of Things.

Future Innovations

  1. Embeddables – little computers underneath our skin
  2. The “Smart Dress” that transforms shape from daytime to night
  3. The “Smart Jacket” that changes form and density when traveling through different climates
  4. Organic 3D printers that allow you to grow your clothes
  5. Advertising on our skin


  1. Smart Materials
  2. Display using OLED technology
  3. Piezo capability or ability to press and receive an input
  4. Thermic capability that detects temperature
  5. Nano technology
  6. Synthetic Biology

When you think about how these two technologies [Nano tech & synthetic bio] can combine, you can actually start to imagine materials that are somewhere in between inert and alive. It can grow, it can change it’s shape, it can change it’s form.


3 Key Takeaways for Wearable Brands

  1. What is the unique value proposition?
  2. How is your product going to fit into our lives (look & use)
  3. Think of your brand as a service


Podcast Deep Dive

  • Wearable technology today (6:20)
  • The future for wearables (8:23)
  • Future innovations in fashion (10:36)
  • OLED vs. Twitter Dress (13:11)
  • The “Smart Dress” (16:52)
  • The “Smart Jacket” (18:10)
  • Fashion’s impact on sustainability (20:41)
  • Organic 3D printers allow you to grow clothes (21:50)
  • The future of marketing and social media: bendable screens and body advertising(23:15)
  • Embeddables (27:18)
  • Embeddables is taking the concept of wearables to the next level. Where little computers will be underneath the surface of our skin. Inside our digestive tracks, inside our blood streams and inside our eyes.

    Interesting Goodies

  • Andy will be speaking at Sonar, a music and new media festival in Barcelona this June!
  • And he’s been asked to speak once again at TEDx Madrid.
  • Andy works with Adidas on their MyCoach Smart Watch

    Quotes from Andy

    “Today’s wearables are almost solving a problem that isn’t there.”

    We’re kind of stuck in the wearable space right now because we’re waiting on two technologies. These bendable screens and the issue about power and charging. Body heat, kinetic energy? We’re just not there yet.

    “People don’t want to stand out like some kind of technofreak. They want to make choices that suit how they want to look.”

    “If you’re willing to give up some of your skin space for advertising, I think there will be monetary benefit for you.”

    “I like the idea of us not being tethered by devices anymore, rather being surrounded by a cloud of computing power and we just drift in and out of it.”


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