Behind the Scenes Interviewing at Decoded Fashion

As you all know, we were invited by Decoded Fashion to produce all their pre and post panel interviews with all the speakers at their sold out NYC Wearables and Retail Innovation Summit in November. The lineup was incredible, the caliber of innovation in the room was outstanding, and not to mention, we got the opportunity to reach inside the minds of fashion and retail’s most brilliant thinkers.

Aliza Licht and me!

There has to be a relationship between tech and fashion that is more than just social. Aliza Licht SVP Global Communications, Donna Karan International

Two days and thirty interviews later, all of our hard work has been compiled into a beautiful one minute and 45 seconds video showcasing what the leaders in fashion and retail really have to say about the future of the fashion industry. As an added gift to all of you, we’ve booked a great number of the speakers on the podcast for your listening pleasure when we ramp back up in the New Year!!! Also, we’re putting together another video which will allow you to be part of the more in-depth dialogue we had with the stars of the event. Coming soon, promise!

Remember, all of this started with an idea and continued to grow with persistence. Let’s face it, I still have a lot to learn, but want to reassure you that if you have a vision, keep at it. The road is long, but so worth the sweat.

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