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Given only 24 hours, five teams at Decoded Fashion’s London Hackathon pitched in front of William Kim, CEO of AllSaints and an audience of over 350 fashion, retail and technology professionals for the opportunity to work directly with AllSaints to implement their ideas on the AllSaints website and on a network of 100+ AllSaints global stores. One of three crowned winners was Bespoky – an app that helps you find the perfect personal stylist in-store. Flash forward only nine weeks later, Giovanni and team are preparing to launch their product at the end of this month.

In this episode, Giovanni Ravone, Bespoky’s Business and Financial Strategist, helps us powerfully create our own path by making our own rules, believing in ourselves and stepping out into the world.

How to Build Your Dream Life in 24 Hours

  1. Keep your dream alive and eyes open for opportunities
  2. Be proactive by getting involved in the entrepreneur community
  3. Take advantage of opportunities to ask questions and share opinions with power players in your industry
  4. Live life at 110% with energy, enthusiasm, positivity & courage
  5. Take the time to show gratitude
  6. Believe in yourself. Seriously believe.

The worst thing is remorse, so you want to get out there and try.

Podcast Deep Dive

  • Bespoky monetization strategy (11:25)
  • Bespoky’s current challenges (13:56)
    1. Scalability
    2. Perfecting the user journey
  • How to run your startup even when you have a full time job (15:00)
    1. Strategy meetings on lunch breaks
    2. WhatsApp Groups
    3. Work after work and on weekends

The opportunity to create something that came from ourselves motivates us each day. That’s the biggest satisfaction we could possibly get.

Quotes from Giovanni

“Keep the customer at the center of your universe.”

“Even if a problem is already being solved in one direction, it doesn’t mean that problem is closed. There are alternative routes.”

“Every industry is hungry for innovation. If you have an idea and you think it can change things for better, make a process easier or an experience better, you need to go out and try.”

“Even if you don’t have any technical expertise and have no idea how to make what you have in mind, if you really believe in it, you will find a way and people who want to do it with you.”

“There really are people out there that want to support you in achieving your dreams.”

“All Saints is really teaching us to be customer focused and making an experience as easy and enjoyable as possible for a customer.”

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*Amendment to the recorded interview: Bespoky was one of three winners of Decoded Fashion’s London Hackathon.

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