For Dave: Your Bulletproof Radio Producer

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I’m your Bulletproof Producer

Dear Dave,

It was two years ago when I started my own podcast. I had just landed my first press pass through my personal blog, packed up my car, and driven 19 hours from San Diego to Austin. Why? Much like you, I had an idea bigger than myself. I saw an opportunity to connect the fashion and tech worlds through a new podcast, the first of its kind, and I knew that by sharing founders’ stories, I could help even more people reach their highest potential, expand their power and become deeply fulfilled.

Before that trip, my contact list started at zero. But, it was only a short time before I met, connected with and booked my first podcast guests for Refashion, who included C-Level execs, senior editors from top lifestyle publications and budding entrepreneurs – all people I still keep close contact with. Pushing myself far outside my norm inspired me to continue to sidestep my fears and challenge myself further.

Today, Refashion has been recognized as the top fashion tech podcast to listen to. From nothing, I’ve taught myself how to use Adobe Audition to record, edit and produce my episodes, learned the ins and outs of distribution, outreach, social media, PR, and even learned a thing or two from a couple failed recordings. I’ve built a small team consisting of an editor, social media wiz and graphic designer – all while still working two other jobs. Today, I’m humbled to help other people perform their best by helping to build their own podcasts. I love this work.

Throughout this journey, my interest in health, mindfulness and personal growth has skyrocketed. This is the very reason why I began listening to your podcast. I’m inspired daily by you, your guests and the content to continue pushing and learning to be the best version of myself.

Having the opportunity to produce with you would be a dream come true. I hope that you’ll consider me as a candidate and to further show my excitement, I’ve put together a Snapchat story sharing a bit more about myself while also highlighting a platform I believe could add a lot of value to the show.

Enjoy this Snapchat video I made for you…

Looking forward to connecting further!


Link to Resume

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For Dave: Your Bulletproof Radio Producer

I’m your Bulletproof Producer Dear Dave, It was two years ago when...
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