Cinematique: Shoppable Videos Have Made it in Fashion

Cinematique - We Are Handsome
Cinematique - We Are Handsome


Touch What You Want. Product discovery at it’s finest. CINEMATIQUE launches touch enabled, shoppable videos through their brand spanking new MTEVideo platform and is strategically establishing their footing with the fashion industry. The founders of Cinematique, Randy Ross, Kyle Heller and Chayse Irvin have identified the fashion industry as the first vertical to engage with because of its trendsetting consumers, seasonality and already existing product rich videos. Big brand names such as Scotch & SodaHonorCo-CollectionsMaiyetBLK BMN and Suzanne Rae have demonstrated their early adopting disposition and have already created partnerships with Cinematique.

Check out the Crossing video campaign for swimwear brand, We Are Handsome (above) and play around with the experience.

Cinematique Shoppable TV

While the video is playing, touch or click on the products that catch your eye and then touch the Cinematique logo on the far bottom right to open up your personal boutique. Now this is where the user journey gets impressive. You can thumb through high-res photos of the products you admired, read product details, share, and even jump directly to the brand’s website to purchase. Yes!

Cinematique Commerce

From a marketing perspective, you know we have to go there, the MTEVideo platform’s analytics and SEO capabilities are coming in hot. Through this uncharted data, marketers will be able to better understand how consumers interact and benefit from videos and also allow brands to interact directly with those consumers who have expressed interest in their products.

Co-Founder and renowned cinematographer Chayse Irvin paints the opportunity very well. “Imagine that 20,000 people have a touched on a dress by Honor, a NYC-based luxury fashion brand. Honor can instantly send those 20,000 people a discount. They have already expressed interest, and the incentive comes to them through the very video that sparked their interest. It both strengthens the brand-to-consumer relationship while at the same time extending the life of the video.”

The value and opportunity that the MTEVideo platform creates for all industries really is limitless. Doors have opened up to an entirely new realm of content creation, measurement and outreach that will make all brands eager to hop on board.

What do you think? Would you like to shop directly from the videos you watch?

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