PSA: Coachella and Refashion Will Alter Your Mind!

Refashion and Coachella Will Alter Your Mind
Refashion and Coachella Will Alter Your Mind

Shouting out to all you beautiful dreamers out in Coachella Valley babe’in it hard this weekend at Coachella. This is our Public Service Announcement that COACHELLA AND REFASHION ARE ABOUT TO ALTER YOUR MIND!

Whenever life is experienced next level, euphoria escapes and you connect with yourself from life unimaginable. Without constraint, you unleash your inner goddess and your deepest desires from yesteryear surface, and a new you emerges.

LIFE becomes your muse. No longer is it just one thing or one person, but rather every conversation, every experience, every connection makes a significant impact on your being. You are the ecstasy of your life.

We know how the story typically goes though. Sunday rolls around and there enters the Coachella Blues. Not this time though, we’ve got your back!

Monday marks the beginning of the wildest adventure you’ve ever taken. Be there with us as we help you channel your deepest passions and make them a reality. The Refashion Podcast is your new best friend. A place for you to discover what’s out there, to learn straight from the experts and to push the boundaries of your life.

We are launching bright and early Monday morning on iTunes and Stitcher Radio!

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