Stop Coasting and Start Thriving Today

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The Struggle Doesn’t Have to Be Real. Stop Coasting.

I woke up this morning with that “oh shit” feeling. I’m not going to lie.

But why? It’s Friday. I love Fridays. There’s so much to be grateful for, as always. The sun is shining, as always (come on, it’s LA). And, life is pretty damn spectacular.

But, I’ll tell you why.

I’m coasting. Yup. COASTING.

I’m coasting along in some areas of my business and I’m here to admit it.

I’ve noticed certain areas of my business aren’t working, but instead of hitting those areas hard, I’ve been plugging along on the areas I’ve already mastered and hoping the other stuff will just work out. NOT A CHANCE.

Sound familiar?

I have tons of new ideas that sound great with friends and a glass of wine, but they seem to stop there.

Today, I declare a new me. A new business woman. A person who takes all challenges as opportunities and if you’re noticing this for yourself, I want to be your accountability partner in this too.

Gone are the days of coasting. Let’s face it. Coasting is boring, gets you no where and leaves you disappointed in yourself.

coasting, motivational quote, fashion inspiration, startup, refashion

I recently (like yesterday) joined a private Facebook Group called The Clique, put together by Dani Watson, digital strategist, self-proclaimed girlboss and founder of The Clique.

coastin the clique

She lives in London and I don’t know her, but I already dig her vibe, her tips and respect her. Below are some nuggets from Dani herself.

How to Avoid Coasting & Start Thriving Today

♥ Whenever you notice something not working, ask yourself why, analyze, and go back to the drawing board to change things and keep changing them until they work.
♥ If you have an opt-in that people aren’t signing up for, attracting the wrong type of clients, or if you’re running an ad that isn’t converting, always ask yourself why.
♥ Ask for feedback from others.
♥ Test your new plan, and, if that doesn’t work, great! Just try again.
♥ Keep on going until something clicks.
♥ Be prepared to scrap things that didn’t work and start again sometimes.

coasting, motivational quote, fashion inspiration, startup, refashion

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