Do You Think You Can Design Better Than Google?

As a response to make Google Glass more fashionable, the company is looking for bold, creative individuals for their Glass Explorer program. The wearable device market is one of the fastest growing categories in consumer electronics and is being valued up to $50 billion in the next five years according to Credit Suisse. While the future looks bright for wearables, the question still stands; are these devices stylish enough to make a lasting impression amongst the mass consumer market?

Google is certainly trying. With their Tuesday release of the new Titanium Collection, we’re four frames closer to a stylish design. The actual technology powering the Glass is still, lets just say, in your face, so there’s still no hiding that you’re wearing Glass. My personal fave is the Curve, but is it the crem de la crem of eyewear design? Certainly not.

Google Glass Titanium
Google Glass Titanium
Google Glass Titanium
Google Glass Titanium

This is where the Glass Explorer program comes into place. With an expected public release late this year, the program is designed to give those who want a say in it’s design and function an opportunity to shape the future of Glass.

To get involved in the program, there’s a cool $1500 entry fee, and on top of that, you have to pick up the tab for your $225 Glass itself. Don Norman, co-founder of the Norman-Nielsen Group and author of the legendary book “The Design of Everyday Things,” told NBC News that modern day tech developers are facing the same challenge that watch and glasses-makers have wrestled with for centuries: making devices that are not only useful and functional, but attractive enough that you’re comfortable wearing it both intimately and in public.

So, you think you can design better than Google? Now’s your chance to show off your chops.

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