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Cristina Quitania - Founder - Refashion

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Hi everyone and welcome to the Refashion Podcast!

I’m your host, Cristina Q and I’m the founder of Refashion and today marks the beginning of a wild adventure and I’m so excited to have you tuning in for our first episode!

Refashion is your access to discovering fashion’s hottest, most influential startups and brands and an opportunity for you to learn lessons straight from the experts.

Since this is our first episode, I want to let you know a little about myself and what you can expect from tuning in each week.

My fashion background began with hustling friendship bracelets, a fancy pants career in digital marketing and then, a completely unexpected lay off. Yeah, I said it. Laid off. Although life shaking and completely overwhelming, it was probably the best thing that ever happened to me – Through that craziness, I realized somewhere down the line I had let my dreams become reasonable and decided then to take charge of my life.

Feeling completely unleashed with a new willingness to take risks, I decided to connect my two passions in life. My love for fashion and my digital savvy. I saw an opportunity to connect the fashion and tech worlds in a way that had never been done and channeled my inner #GIRLBOSS and created Refashion – a fashion technology blog where I could pen all my interests, talk strategy and still be fun and connect with the people I admired and who were shaking up the industry.

After 6 months of working my butt off and covering the industry from head to toe, I became present to how quickly the industry was changing and realized a need. A need for fashion startups to be heard and to get connected with other successful brands to help tighten the learning curve and also a desire to hear just HOW these successful brands were doing things so well.

And that… is how the Refashion Podcast was born.

We are THE PLACE to discover new technologies and to learn how the hottest fashion brands are making their success.

We’ll be together twice a week, chatting with startup founders and industry influencers to break down their business strategies and learn from their experience Refashioning the industry.

Together, we’re creating the IT destination for entrepreneurs and fashion lovers like you to be inspired, to have a competitive edge, to push the boundaries of your own success and to see for yourself what’s possible in fashion, in your business… and, most of all….in your life!

So don’t quit on your day dreams because we have your back. Things are about to get real.

The future of fashion never SOUNDED this good.

Cristina Q. is the founder of Refashion.co and host of the Refashion Podcast. She is a next generation lean digitalista and event producer at the bleeding edge of fashion and technology. With a self proclaimed love affair with great content, style and collaboration, Cristina is committed to empowering creative entrepreneurship and creating powerful connections that drive momentum in the fashion industry.

After five years in digital marketing, Cristina created Refashion.co to connect her love for fashion and her digital savvy. She created the Refashion Podcast to connect fashion startups with other successful brands to help tighten the learning curve and to inspire dreamers to take their own own leap towards a life they love.

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