RF30 | The Sexy Realness to Fundraising & Hiring Interns With Enrou’s Jessica & Ann

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The girls from Enrou give it to us straight…

What if I told you that in this episode we’re going to help you solve two major road blocks most startups have?

1. Hiring employees when you have no money
2. Raising funding for the first time

Wait, that’s exactly what we do! Excited, right?

Ann Wang and Jessica Willison are the two YOUNG (try twenty-four years old) founders crushing it at life and with their fashion startup, Enrou. If you haven’t heard, Enrou is an online story driven marketplace filled with beautiful and socially responsible products from around the world.

These young women are running a business right out of college and are making so many victories along the way.

Both Jessica and Ann and Jessica are already Forbes 30 under 30ers and started Enrou with only $5,000. They crowdsourced almost everything through their friends, from design all the way to development, and are now raising a seed round with some of LA’s top investors.

Now, for the advice. I’m going to start with fundraising because that’s where they’re at in the business and because it’s sassy and seductive – and let’s face it, we’re all tired of borning and stale fundraising tips.

It’s simple.

Enrou, Refashion Podcast, fashion tech, forbes 30 under 30

Good, right?

Ann’s handling the raising and has set a goal of 25 meetings a week for the past four months. Needless to say, she’s taken hundreds of phone calls and meetings.

You’ve got to walk the walk and talk the talk. You know? You have to be the one that everyone’s looking at, the business everyone is talking about. You want to make yourself seem wanted and play people against each other – almost like you’re dating a few guys at the same time. Whoops.

Here’s the formula. You want to have the level of confidence to sell yourself in the best possible way while also making people feel they’d regret the decision forever if they didn’t invest in you.

“Spend 90% of your time around raising. Get it done. Don’t split your time.” – Ann

You’ll just have to tune in to snag their advice on building teams….

But first, one last quote from the girls to leave you feeling inspired.

Enrou, Refashion Podcast, fashion tech, forbes 30 under 30

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