Everpurse Announces “Mini” Phone Charging Wallet Today

Everpurse - Mini Phone Charging Wallet - Refashion.co
Everpurse launches Mini Phone Charging Wallet on Refashion.co

We recently sat down with Liz Salcedo, Founder and CEO of Everpurse for an interview and were excited to be introduced to “Mini,” their newest wallet that charges your phone! All the details can be heard on the podcast releasing this Thursday, but here’s a little sneak peek to hold you over!

Mini Rechargeable Wallet - Everpurse - Refashion.co

Launching today, the Mini comes in turquoise, black and gold and the first model is compatible with the iPhone 5/5s. Other phones models will be compatible soon in the future. So how does it work? The Mini has a clasp that when unclasped has a USB port so you can actually plug it into your computer or plug it into a USB outlet so you can charge on-the-go. Very sleek in design, there’s space for all of your credit cards and cash, and shows you access to your phone so you can text and search. Yes, you can keep your phone charging inside your wallet while you’re using it and experience up to 48 hours of battery life, from 0-100% three times.

For all you Everpurse lovers who’ve gotten stuck without a charge and without your charging mat, the Everpurse team has been listening to your feedback and developed the Mini just for you. This really shows us that Everpurse is really looking for other ways to make their accessories useful.

Everpurse Mini Wallet - Refashion.co

First with the Everpurse, you dropped your phone in your purse into a wireless pocket and pulled it out when you wanted to use it. But now with the Mini, you can keep charging your phone inside your wallet while you’re using it. The Mini starts at a lower price point from the Everpuse at $129, and for a limited time is being sold at $98.

We also got Liz’s take on the current wearable landscape. While there are opinions questioning the usefulness of wearables, Everpurse’s goal is to make sure their technologies are seamlessly integrating into products people are actually using right, not requiring a major change in habits for people.

“The main difference between Everpurse and other charging accessories currently out there is that we don’t want you to think about how your technology works, or pull out cables to charge your bag or cables to charge your phone, because then it’s not a whole lot different than how you currently charge your devices,” says Liz.

Head over to everpurse.com to sign up for pre-order.

Listen to Liz’s full episode on Refashion, iTunes and Stitcher Radio this Thursday when we dive into bringing a complex product to market.

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