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Liz Salcedo- Everpurse - Refashion
Liz Salcedo, Founder of Everpurse shares how to bring a complex product to market on the Refashion Podcast

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Social worker turned tech entrepreneur, Liz Salcedo has spent her entire career focused on empowering women. In 2011 Liz launched Everpurse, a pioneer in the fast growing fashion-tech industry. Since its inception, Everpurse has generated over half a million in sales and its products have appeared in InStyle magazine, Good Morning America, and the Katie Couric Show, among others. Along with her husband Dan, Liz was named one of “Crain’s 20 in their 20’s” in 2013.

Interesting Goodies:

  • They use 3D printers to make their prototypes!
  • The Mini really was born from the feedback from their early customers
  • You can find Liz & the Everpurse team at Conde Nast’s Beauty CEO Summit in early May
  • Messaging has been their biggest challenge
  • They’ve gone so far to make personalized video for reporters & journalists
  • When licensing out their technology, Everpurse is targeting affordable luxury brands in the U.S.
  • A possible future application is color sensor technology that can help you determine if your outfit matches
  • Podcast Deep Dive:

  • Big reveal of the Everpurse Mini!
  • The best way to test and iterate your prototypes
  • Crafting your message and creative ways for distribution
  • When to reach out to press
  • Featuring your product at events and demos

  • How to Bring Your Product to Market

      1. Crafting your message is #1 priority
      2. Test and iterate different messages for different audiences
      3. Research journalists ahead of time and personalize your messages. NO blanket press releases or emails!
      4. Build relationships with journalists and event planners
      5. Participate in as many demos and events as you can
      6. Find mentors and experts in other areas
      7. Play with different media. Video is great to cut across confusion for investors, customers and press

    Quotes from Liz:
    “Whenever we make a function or tech decision, we make a corresponding fashion decision.”
    “We don’t want you to think about how your technology works.”
    “A lot of my inspiration comes from other cool things other people are doing.”

    Now it’s your turn to look. What do you now see possible for business after listening to our conversation with Liz?

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