RF24 | Cassie Betts on Fashion Manufacturing, Bad Dates & Overcoming Guilt

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District2.co is the future of fashion manufacturing & a designer’s dream

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It’s Tuesday and that means another bad ass episode is ready to push your business or your idea another notch further. This week I chatted with Cassie Betts, founder and CEO of District2.co. Have you ever walked the LA garment district looking for anything specific? Good luck finding it. Not anymore.

Fashion Manufacturing, District2.co, fashion tech

Enter District2.co – a B2B platform that connects indie designers to manufactures by acting as a virtual garment district with a pimped-out search directory. Ultimately, District2.co helps designers take concepts from sketchbook to in-hand products in half the price and half the time. To date, District2.co works with 600 factories and 400 brands in Los Angeles. Wow.

We’re servicing the indie market. They make up 56% of the amount of total revenue LA brought in last year which was $40 Billion. LA is no joke. – Cassie Betts

Fashion Manufacturing, District2.co, fashion district, fashion technology

With over 15 years experience in fashion, Cassie really understands the inner-workings of our industry. She understands there are things we need to keep the same but also knows how far we can push technology to allow business to happen easier and faster.

In the end, we want to be the google for the fashion world. – Cassie Betts

Per usual, we chatted over generous amounts of wine so you can expect to get to know every nook and cranny of Cassie Betts. From managing career pivots and bad Tinder dates, to easing the guilt you may have for investing in your dream, we hit it all. I know Cassie is determined to build the world’s leading platform for easy fashion manufacturing, but she may have another calling as a match maker. You decide. She’s went from working for someone else’s dream to downsizing her life to gain the emotional and mental freedom from building her own business. This chick is happy but she isn’t going to sugar coat the journey because as you know, the ride isn’t easy. She sold her her car, downsized her house and moved to South Central. That is fact.

Fashion Manufacturing, Cassie Betts, District2.co, Monday Motivation Quote

Questions Answered on This Episode

♥ How to get your first partners on your platform the real scrappy and free way
♥ How to graciously divorce your co-founder – FOR REAL
♥ How to confidently seek financing
♥ Simple, no brain opportunities entrepreneurs overlook
♥ How to foster your side hustle
♥ How to use District2.co
♥ How District2.co makes money
♥ How to be snag the last available spot at Manufacture LA

When you see people making moves and doing great things, you know you partner with those people. – Cassie Betts


Maker City LA
♥ If you’re in the LA area and interested in joining Cassie’s team as their technical co-founder, reach out to me at Cristina@refashion.co

Fashion Manufacturing, Cassie Betts, District2.co, Monday Motivation Quote

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