The Future of FashionTech from SXSW Day 1

SXSW 2014 Fashion Tech Day 1
SXSW 2014 Fashion Tech Day 1 via reFashion

One size does not fit all in fashion technology but everyone seems to agree that the most exciting companies in fashion tech are those who make the shopping experience easier and even more exciting. Plain and simple.

We’re going to see lots of surprises in fashion tech later this fall, says Liz Bacelar of Decoded Fashion. Decoded Fashion produces the largest fashion tech events in the world, giving Liz a very rare, and coveted eye into the future of our industry.

Although there’s a lot going on in the space, there still isn’t enough experimentation. On the topic of wearables, the merger of design and function is still not yet there. We’re at the very beginning of wearables, says Liza Kindred, founder of Third Wave Fashion, so we can expect much more here.

More to look for in fashion tech is Liza’s new book, The Future of Commerce, where she spotlights 20 new business models that are changing the face of commerce. Another is SXSW’s first B2B fashion tech event hosted by Decoded Fashion, Tuesday March 11. The Decoded team is doing what they do best and bringing together digital heads of Fashion, Beauty & Retail brands to discover and mentor startups founders.

Remember earlier when we mentioned there will be lots of excitement in fashion tech this fall? Here’s a bit of a teaser to keep you from frothing at the bit.

The Hottest FashionTech business concepts to keep your eye out for this fall:

1. Visual Search – Newly launched ASAP54 does this brilliantly and they’re a podcast guest!
2. Integrated Check Out – Think Lyst.
3. POS Systems
4. Retail Data
5. Virtual Fitting Rooms

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