FashionWare at CES 2014

Wearable Tech at CES

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas isn’t just about technology anymore, it’s about fashion…high tech fashion and wearable tech.

According to Inc. Magazine, “Wearable technology may have reached $4.6 billion in sales around the world already this year and Google Glass isn’t even for sale yet.”

“The FashionWare TechZone integrates style, function and technology to create a wow-factor, high-tech space at the 2014 CES,” said Karen Chupka, senior vice president, International CES and corporate business strategy, CEA.”

CES can be compared to Fashion Week for techies – bringing the latest in tech, seasons ahead of the curve. Now, CES is blending both industries with FashionWare, a three day reveal of the latest in wearable tech, January 7-10th at the Venetian in Las Vegas. Even tech nerds love fashion tech.

The FashionWare runway show is a special event for CES attendees, showcasing new technologies and experimental prototypes. All garments claim to challenge current design concepts and give existing functionality a new life.

Robin Raskin, Founder of Living in Digital Times, produces the event in partnership with CES and loves nothing more than promoting how women enjoy and interact with technology. Robin believes wearable fashion is our future.

“The fashion industry is a 972 billion dollar industry but it’s remained virtually unchanged, one of the last holdouts for incorporating high tech. That’s about to change. You’re about to witness a remarkable fashion show where high tech is integral to high fashion,” says Robin.

Last year’s FashionWare event attracted over 150,000 media, retailers and thought leaders.

This year you can anticipate seeing:

    1. LED Technology
    2. Smart Textiles
    3. Body Sensor Technology
    4. Mind & Gesture Controlled Devices
    5. Voice Technology


    1. Brother
    2. CLO Virtual Fashion, Inc.
    3. FashionTEQ
    4. Velodyne

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