FIRST FASHION LABEL IN SPACE and it’s COSMIC!!! Our favorite conscious yoga brand TEEKI is blasting love, intentions and 8 pairs of special edition hotpants into Space in a matter of days!! The action happens June 21st in Space America, New Mexico and you don’t want to miss it.

My gal pal Lindsay Hemric and Owner of Teeki, is a strong advocate for space exploration, believing it will “lead to a better understanding of our universe and how it impacts the environment, enable advancement of new ways to harness clean energy, protect the planet from potential threats, produce new scientific advancements and help in the discovery of new resources so we can give our planet a break.”

Let’s rally and make history together babes! Visit the Teeki site to win one of the eights pairs of hotpants traveling on this epic space journey, and while you’re there, submit your intentions. You better believe Lindsay will be making sure all of them make it on the journey.

Lets count down the days with Teeki as we celebrate this moment in fashion history!!



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