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Brittany Haavalsrud dishes it all about startup financing and the hidden truths behind clean beauty products

Can you believe it’s Tuesday already? Not really, but I’m so happy it is because you know what that means?? Episode two of the Refashion podcast is live!

Not going to lie, it’s been a jam packed week. We got a lot done and it feels like we got it done together. Somehow we launched the second season of the podcast, hosted a Snapchat takeover, recorded a new episode, lost an episode (more about that in another post) hustled through client work and threw a re-launch party. Things are kinda crazy, but there’s ACTION. I’m taking Lauryn’s advice and staying 100% disciplined. Week one of an entire lifestyle change ♥

I loved all the love and feedback you guys shared about Lauryn and Michael’s episode and hope you guys love episode two just as much!

#RefshionQueen Brittany Haavalsrud

Let me tell you, this chick is a born girlboss. She went from working as a Trade Officer at the British Consulate, to turning her life upside down and becoming a solopreneur and founder of Fjordlife.

So what is Fjordlife? Fjordlife is a spanking new womenswear and clean beauty ecommerce brand that sources beautiful, innovative products with meaningful impact. Brittany launched a few weeks ago, and this girl has been hustling her buns off sourcing products, getting press, securing startup financing, building her site, running social and somehow finding time to chat with us about financing hacks.

On top of that, we also chatted about the not so pretty hidden truths behind sustainable fashion and natural beauty products. Did you guys know that beauty brands can market their products as natural as long as the product contains only ONE natural ingredient and that one ingredient can be water? Ew, news to me! Products you put on your skin should not be a mystery.

What impressed me about Brittany is her tenacity. I lagged on responding to her initial email so she emailed again. She wanted to start a business, so she did. Get after it, girl!

Startup financing, Fjordlife, sustainable fashion, organic beauty

Questions Answered In This Episode

♥ What resources are out there to help entrepreneurs with financing?
♥ What requirements do you have to meet to receive early financing?
♥ What makes a product or brand sustainable, eco-friendly or conscious?
♥ What’s been your biggest challenge as a solopreneur?
♥ How do you practice mindfulness in your daily routine?
♥ How do you get it all done as a solopreneur?

Contract people who can do a way better job in half the amount of time. Time is just as valuable as your financing. – Brittany Haavalsrud

Brands Spotlighted in this Episode

Veja Shoes
♥ Manufactured in Porto Alegre, Brazil
♥ Workers’ rights are respected and extra hours are paid
♥ They buy cotton from 320 families who live from organic farming
♥ They work with 60 families of rubber tappers to create the soles of their shoes
startup financing, veja shoes, sustainable fashion, brazil fashion, startup

Yoke Trade
♥ Manufactured in Venice, CA!!
♥ Ayurveda Apothecary plant-based beauty
♥ Giving-based accessories line
♥ Yoga-inspired ritual homewares
♥ Socially and spiritually motivated
Startup financing -YOKE-Conscious-Commerce

Organizations Mentioned

Start up Grind
Futurpreneur Canada
United States Association for Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Resources Mentioned in This Episode


Learn to think of fear as a noise in the background and don’t let it prevent you from moving forward. – Brittany Haavulsrud

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