RF4 | How ASAP54 Got Featured on iTunes in Over 135 Countries

Daniela Cecilio - ASAP54 - Refashion Podcast
Daniela Cecilio, Founder of ASAP54 shares how they got featured on iTunes in over 135 countries in just 11 days on the Refashion Podcast

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Dynamic fashion tech entrepreneur Daniela Cecilio is the woman set to change the way you search, discover and buy fashion online in 2014. The 33-year-old is a founding member of the uber successful fashion-portal, Farfetch.com, and also happens to be the wife of its founder and CEO, José Neves.

Now the Brazilian-born, ex fashion designer, and ‘fashion obsessive’ has branched out on her own to launch ASAP54, the first ever fashion app that allows users to discover products through its social fashion community that also encompasses both the latest visual search technology and its own personal styling service.

Podcast Deep Dive:

  • What is visual recognition technology?
  • How to create partnerships with retail partners
  • ASAP54 & mobile commerce trends
  • Daniela’s biggest challenge
  • How to get investor ready
  • The hardest thing to overcome when being a female entrepreneur
  • The future of fashion
  • Interesting Goodies:

  • Apple picked ASAP54 as a top app in just 11 days after launch in over 135 countries!
  • ASAP’s social component came from their beta test
  • Daniela is an Instagram fanatic!
  • Daniela has always wanted to be an entrepreneur. While Daniela’s sister’s Barbies were pregnant and dating guys, hers were working!
  • Daniela used to design jewelry with her mom
  • Daniela’s favorite experience throughout building her business has been discovering herself and the people around her!
  • Advice Straight From Daniela:

    “You need speed. While you’re creating your app, there are probably a hundred other people around you creating something exactly the same or something similar. Whoever comes first will get the attention and traction.”

    “It’s very sexy to ask questions. People actually love to explain and share their knowledge with you.”

    How to Get Your App Really Noticed By iTunes

      1. Validate your idea by launching a beta version
      2. Invest heavily into your business
      3. Design something beautiful
      4. Be prepared to scale
      5. Reach out to Apple!
      6. Make sure you’re doing something you love

    Now it’s your turn to look, what do you now see possible for business after listening to our conversation with Daniela?

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