RF19 | How Olapic Turns Selfies into Massive Sales with Zoe Neuschatz

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Our first video podcast!

Refashion Community, you asked for video so who would be a better first guest than visual commerce platform, Olapic. Today, we’re talking to Zoe Neuschatz, Director of Brand Strategy and Partnerships of Olapic – a visual commerce company that lets consumers become a part of a brand’s visual voice by showcasing curated user-generated images and videos within brands’ e-commerce experiences to drive sales. Zoe works closely with partners such as ASOS, Vans and Coach to build strategic implementation plans to optimize the technology for their individual needs.

We love innovating with our customers. We’re seeing a 5% incremental lift with our ecommerce customers and an average 2% in order value

Monetization Strategy

The company’s services cost anywhere from $30,000 to hundreds of thousands.

  1. Olapic collects user-generated photos from social media platforms like Instagram Facebook and Twitter and once customers submit their photos—either directly to the brand, or by using a designated hashtag, Olapic’s algorithm aggregates the images into a beautiful stream for brands to display on their sites.
  2. Olapic works with brands to pull data based on which images do better with purchases.


Business Challenge

Keeping the early innovative energy from day one alive with the growing team and new offices. They have grown to 85 team members with three locations and satellite representatives on the west coast.


Success Strategy

They collaborate across teams and encourage team member rotations amongst their three different offices in London, Argentina and New York. They’ve also built machine learning into


What’s Next for Business

Visual content will be leveraged at every touch point, both online and offline. Expect to see Olapic’s content in in-store integrations, emails and ads.


Fashion Tech Advice

  1. “It’s about being smart, forward thinking and keeping an eye at what’s happening in the world.”
  2. “There’s a demand for authentic content and customers expect to see it.”


Quotes from Zoe

“Don’t be afraid of change. Change is just growth.”

“Filters are great but they don’t result in conversions for brands.”

“We build new technology in our Olapic offering because our customers ask for it.”


Olapic Work Samples from the Podcast

Refashion Podcast - Coach - Olapic

Refashion Podcast - Alex and Ani - Olapic

Refashion Podcast - Steve Madden - Olapic

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