RF35: How to Build a Business Right Out of College With No Money with Demi Marchese of 12th Tribe

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“The first step is the hardest step.” -Demi

This week on the Refashion podcast

I want everyone to meet Demi Marchese. Scratch that, everyone needs to meet Demi, Founder and Creative Director of womenswear retailer, 12th Tribe. Demi is our youngest guest having just graduated a year ago, but let me tell you, this chick has major hustle, soul and incredible drive and I see her kicking open any door in front of her.

We also have a special guest for this show. For the first time in history, my fiancee, Matt, joins and offers his digital marketing advice for Demi. It was so much fun recording all together!

So when Demi and I first got to chatting, we dreamt up this episode for all our college listeners – an episode all about how to build a business right out of college with no money. But, after wrapping everything up, I realized Demi’s story is so freaking relatable to everyone, me included. I mean raise your hand if you’ve ever felt completely lost or even a little bit confused with where to take your future? What about deal with a bad breakup or opinionated parents? Gosh everyone, right?

You see, Demi is only 23 and started her business just a month after graduating San Diego State with a small stash of graduation money (Go Aztecs!). She had the itch, the little voice inside her gut pushing her towards building a business of her own.

Throughout college, I loved school, but I was more passionate about what I was going to do after school, so building my career in college was really important to me. – Demi

In this episode you’ll hear how she used her graduation money towards purchasing two pairs of unique vintage denim shorts which were the very items that got 12th Tribe going. First little lesson, you don’t need a million dollars to dream big and start small.

demi-marchese-12th-tribe-refashion-podcast how to build-a-business right out of college

You’ll also hear how she tried the whole interviewing thing and in the midst of waiting for an interview with Nasty Gal which dragged on for weeks, she ended up spending her time building a website and launching 12th Tribe.

demi marchese,12th tribe, refashion podcast, how to build a business right out of college

I’m sure you can guess, she didn’t end up taking the job at Nasty Gal.

But, that’s where her story gets even more inspiring. You’re going to want to listen in to hear how Demi manages the pressure from parents who aren’t always 150% on board , how she copes with the fear of letting down the people you love the most and her tips for starting a business in a brand new city.

Quality over quantity is so important. You want to surround yourself with people who are on a similar path. – Demi 

She also lets us in on a massive collab she’s doing with a certain pop QUEEN we all love!!

Enjoy!! xx Cristina

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Let us know how you liked this episode. Are you now feeling confident that you know how to build a business right out of college? Let us know in a comment on iTunes


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