How to Make the Most of SXSW as a Fashionista

How Fashionistas Can Make the Most of SXSW

SXSW is finally here and we want to make sure all your fashionistas have fun, while also creating the most value with your time in Austin. Here’s what we’re doing and you can do it too!

    1. Have a game plan
    2014 programming is unreal so make sure you know which sessions, keynotes, exhibits, meetups and parties you want to hit. Download the SXSW app and make a personal hit list you can reference throughout the event. Trust me, you’ll be so glad you did this.

    2. Get Social
    If you haven’t started already, connect, like, engage and start conversations with the speakers, businesses and influencers you want to get in front of. Take advantage of the fact that most of your favorite fashionistas are packed under one roof. This is your chance to build in person relationships and lasting connections. Make it easier for other fashionistas to find you by using SXSW’s fashion specific hashtag, #StyleX.

    3. Share
    Ditch the jitters and talk with as many people as you can. Whether you’re pitching, promoting or networking, make sure each conversation makes a difference. Organic conversations are always awesome, but also make sure you know what you want say to the people you’re dying to speak to. For example, we would love to have Girl Boss, Sophia Amoruso of Nasty Gal, Lauren Indvik of Fashionista and Leila Brillson of Refinery29 on our podcast, so we’ve prepared ourselves for those conversations when the opportunity comes.

    4. Get fancy
    It’s been said that SXSW is the cross breed of Coachella meets bearded hipster meets TechCrunch. Anything goes, so us fashionistas have to bring it. Be yourself, stand out and get noticed. Also, bring a change of shoes to swap into when your feet start to slow you down.

Here’s the full rundown on all SXSW StyleX programming. Now get out there and have a blast fashionistas!

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