RF28 | This 1 Min Instagram Trick Landed 3 of ABC’s The Bachelorette Women as Clients

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It’s Bachelorette week over here!

Hi Everyone!

Raise your hand if you’re a loyal fan of ABC’s The Bachelor and The Bachelorette? Me too.

Pretty sure everyone’s wondered about all those dresses the girls wear too. Do they own them? Where do they get them?

Did you know the girls RENT their dresses??

Better yet, did you know they rented from a LA based startup called, The Stylist LA??

I had to know the scoop, so on this episode I went to The Stylist LA’s HQ and sat down with founder, Emily McDonald, to get the skinny on how her dress rental company got in with the women on ABC’s The Bachelorette.

I’ll give you the quick cliff notes.

Emily is all about pushing herself outside of her comfort zone – she literally tries to get 20 no’s in a month and accomplishes big things by living on the edge.

Enter The Bachelorette challenge

Get three finalists on Ben’s season of The Bachelor to say no about using her service.

What she did

Super quick and simple experiment. She sent an Instagram DM to each woman.

What happened

Lauren, the winner of Ben’s season, responded back with a YES and used The Stylist LA’s dress rental services during her post show media circuit!

Flash forward to today, they now also dress Becca and JoJo, the current Bachelorette!

The rest is history…you’ll have to listen in! But first, here’s a little bit about The Stylist LA…

The Stylist LA, Bachelorette, Instagram, motivation, fashion inspiration
Photography: @valoriedarling

How The Stylist LA Works

The Stylist LA is a designer dress rental company at the fraction of retail price.

You can order online, or more fun, make an appointment in their showroom in Mar Vista in Los Angeles. The girls from The Bachelorette do! Once you get your dress, you have a 5-7 day rental period. You then return your dress using their pre-paid shipping labels – they handle the dry cleaning. Prices range from $30-$100+. No wonder the girls love to use The Stylist LA!

The world is changing. We all want access to things without having to pay a million dollars for them. And, we want stuff quickly and we don’t want to keep them because we just don’t have room in our closets. It’s just the way the world is heading.

2 Things You Didn’t Know About JoJo & Becca

♥ JoJo named her first dog Jay Z
♥ Becca LOVES Taco Bell

Party, Brunch, Sleepover – The Bachelorette Edition – How’d Emily decide?

♥ JoJo
♥ Becca
♥ Ben

The Stylist LA, ben higgens, Bachelorette, Instagram, fashion motivation, emily mcdonald, jojo fletcher,
Photography: @valoriedarling

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