RF5| Lookbook – 7 Ways to Turn Your Fashion Blog Into a Legit Brand

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Huan Nguyen is the Head of Brand Partnerships for the popular personal style online community LOOKBOOK.nu. For the last five years, he’s worked with brands on promoting their campaigns across fashion sites like LOOKBOOK.nu and Hypebeast.com. Through these partnerships, he has unique insight on how to effectively reach the fashion influencer. He currently spends half of his time between Los Angeles and New York.

Interesting Goodies

  • Lookbook quick stats: 1.2M users, 3-4.5M unique views/mo, 75-100M page views/mo!
  • Despite the size & influence of Lookbook, they are a very small team!
  • Huan argues they have the best developers in the industry
  • Lookbook is investing a lot in mobile and video
  • Huan finds inspiration in reading biographies
  • He’s currently reading Tim Cook’s (CEO of Apple) and Barak Obama’s biography
  • Podcast Deep Dive

  • How to get noticed by Refinery29 & Teen Vogue
  • What goes into creating a team and when should you dot it
  • How to drive traffic to your site
  • Creating supplemental revenue streams
  • How Lookbook innovates to stay relevant
  • Quotes from Huan:

    “If you want to pursue a career in fashion blogging, you should really think about being niche. That’s how you can really turn this into a longterm business and not just a hobby.”

    “You have to be really unique, disruptive and stand out on your own.”

    How to Monetize & Innovate Your Fashion Blog

      1. Be unique, be disruptive!
      2. Challenge conventional thinking and innovate
      3. Shoot photos everyday – Consistent & Persistent
      4. Post on your own site & on sites like Lookbook.nu
      5. Get serious
      6. Invest in your social platforms to have your presence be known
      7. Be niche

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