RF23 | NailSnaps on Hacking Kickstarter Success

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Angel Anderson and Sarah Heering want to help you become a Kickstarter success

I freaking love Tuesdays and I gotta say, I love them even more now. If you’re following me on Snapchat, you already know I’ve been in the process of hiring a VA to help with post production work. Lord knows we all need help. We can’t do everything on our own! Preach. On my hunt, I found a rad sound engineer from South Africa who’s also growing her personal business – so blessed there’s great synergy between us. This episode was our pilot together, so I hope you enjoy our combined efforts. I’ll be writing an entire post on this later. LIFE CHANGING. Can’t wait for you guys to listen to this phenom episode!

♥ Ok, back to NailSnaps…

kickstarter success, nailsnaps, los angeles startup, beauty tech

Angel and Sarah are the sassy, scrappy and laser focused duo disrupting the $8.5 Billion nail industry with NailSnaps. Together, they’ve created a way to create, share, and wear custom nail art. The NailSnaps mobile/social platform lets people turn photos into custom nail wraps that can be applied at-home in minutes. No mess. No toxicity. No dry time. Let’s face it, no one has time to let their nails dry…especially when you’re busy building your empire. To boot, their peer-to-peer marketplace empowers creators to sell their designs as well. Think Etsy for nails.

On a personal note, these women have what most partnerships strive to achieve. Trust, love and the most ideal Ying and Yang situation I think I’ve ever laid eyes on. Sarah and Angel play to each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and actually treated their Kickstarter campaign sort of like dating. Sort of brilliant.

Kickstarter was a really good testament to how we work together. It͛’s whatever means necessary to get to the next milestone and onto the next goal. At one point we both sort of looked at each other in the eye and realized we both have the sauce to do it and to make it happen.

kickstarter success nailsnaps, startup life, wearable tech, manicure
To launch NailSnaps on Kickstarter, and raise $50,000+ in donations as a seventh hour save, Angel and Sarah had to get scrappy. Just as in life there were wins and also setbacks, but there was no doubt they’d figure it out and impressively exceed their goal. Now looking back, there were things they’d do differently. They share the ingenious hacks they imagined on the fly and the late night phone calls they had with basically every person they knew to reach their goal. You’re going to love this episode. There’s tons of insight, laughing and even a little kumbayaing sprinkled at the end. If you want to hack your own Kickstarter success by driving press, partner inquiries and even investment, listen in.

“A week into our campaign we were like OH SHIT, we are not getting the traction that we need. So we started reaching out to any friend that we had in any press outlet anywhere. We mined every connection we ever had.”

The Technology

kickstarter success, nailsnaps app, beauty technology, nail art, startup, wearable tech
Their award winning mobile app uses a patent-pending, rotatable, resizable hand-pose stencil.

Questions Answered on This Episode

♥ How to hack Kickstarter success
♥ How to hack your business at a conference
♥ Best practices for creating your Kickstater offerings
♥ How to secure funding and licensing deals through your kickstarter campaign
♥ How to get your app in the iTunes best new app list
♥ Their take on the future of beauty tech
♥ Productivity Secret Sauce

hacking kickstarter, nailsnaps, startup



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