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Today, we’re talking to Anne Dayton, Founder and President of PIOL Dress. PIOL has taken the simple notion of buying a dress and launched it into the 21st century. The PIOL system is based on the philosophy of Edith Head, the infamous Hollywood costume designer, known for her eight academy awards and for dressing scarlets from the likes of Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor. While Anne in fact is a new tech entrepreneur, her foundation was set by her family’s business….a little retailer you all know by the name of Target.

You can do anything you want in life if you dress for it. – Edith Head

Business Challenge

Disrupting customer behavior

Success Strategy

Team PIOL looked for gaps in the industry against their value propositions and distinguished Fit as the largest hurdle for women when shopping online. Today, they emphasize Fit in their branding which has created a space for them in the larger conversation. Bloggers also play a massive role in creating their voice and elevating their reputation in the industry. “The voices of our bloggers represent the variety of all women.”

What’s Next for Business

Adding a social community to the PIOL site.

Fashion Tech Advice

Stay in the zone and keep the focus on what you want to achieve.



Quotes from Anne

PIOL Dress - Refashion Podcast - Fashion Tech

“I have a strong conviction of the the power of new ideas and that has been the key in starting my business.”

“What our challenge is right now, because it’s never a straight road, is disrupting customer behavior.”

“Dressing your mind for success is the first step toward achieving your goal.” – Edith Head

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