RF39 The Ultimate Gift Guide and the Future of Fashion with FashNerd

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Our final episode of the year – a glimpse into the future of fashion and the perfect holiday gift guide!


I’m writing to you all the way from Japan! Matt and I just landed in Tokyo last night and we’re staying at the cutest little guest house in Roppongi. We’re 17 hours ahead of LA here in Japan, so it feels like I’m experiencing life in the future.

It’s absolutely fitting though because the final episode of the year is all about the future of fashion and our thirst for knowledge with the founding team of FashNerd, Muchaneta Kapfunde and Mano Napel. **I do want to note that the sound quality isn’t the same as previous episodes because we recorded using Zoom rather than in person or in the studio**

FashNerd is one of my daily reads and also one of the leading fashion tech websites covering everything from wearables, iOT and smart textiles. What I love about their content is that they make it easy to stay well informed — they break down technology with a fashion voice.

refashion podcast, future of fashion, fashnerd

I started this podcast because of my fascination with the merge between fashion and technology and since then we’ve all seen technology become not only the new face of influence within the fashion industry, but also the biggest player in its future.

Today, our clothes can address a lot of social and cultural issues in society. There have been innovations and ideas of fabrics that can administer drugs, improve our mental states, better connect us to our family, friends and surroundings and even keep us safe.

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Come listen in as we discuss the latest innovation in fashion tech and hear us ping pong ideas for future technologies…like earbuds that perform with gestures and whistles.

And since it’s that time of the year, we’re getting festive and talking about holiday shopping. Muchaneta and Mano put together the hottest Christmas wish list with the latest technologies in fashion for the fashion tech enthusiasts in your life. Gosh, you’re going to swoon when you see the Venta bracelet by Vinaya and the smart yoga pants by Wearable Experiments.

As an added bonus for all your content creators out there, you’ll also hear Muchaneta and Mano break down their year 1, 2 and year 3 plan for FashNerd.

Click the image below to thumb through the holiday gift guide. Enjoy the episode!

fashnerd, refashion podcast, fashion tech, wearables,

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Emil & Aris cashmere coats
♥ Dash headphones by Bragi
♥ Altruis bracelet by Vinaya

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