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Lisa Crosswhite, Refashion Podcast

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Lisa Crosswhite is the Founder and Director of online fashion retailer, Gnossem.com, former ad-woman at Ogilvy & Mather and international model. Powerful at creating relationships that minimizes cost and maximizes results, Lisa has created impressive brand partnerships with brands like Maserati, Anthropologie and Antipodium. Originally from Vancouver, Canada and has been living in Singapore for the last five years.

Gnossem is Asia Pacific’s largest collection of acclaimed independent designers. You can think of Gnossem as the Net-a-Porter for independent design.

How to Create Luxury Brand Partnerships

  1. Choose a brand with aligned values so the partnership is clear and relevant to potential consumers
  2. Understand who their customers are, how their business functions and what programs have they implemented in the past to achieve similar results
  3. Identify what assets you have to leverage even in the absence of cash
  4. Discuss the benefits of reaching customers outside of their traditional audience
  5. Know the art of negotiation

Don’t be scared to dream big about what you want your brand to be and really own that before you go out and talk to anybody.

Podcast Deep Dive

  • Singapore’s local fashion market (6:03)
  • Singapore’s Audi Fashion Week (6:45)
  • How to develop luxury brand collaborations (14:50)
  • Swap partnerships (21:30)
  • How to spend your cash on social media (23:50)
  • International penetration strategy (27:30)
  • Singapore’s competitive edge in the startup community (35:00)

Interesting Goodies

  • Singapore’s tastes go towards cosmopolitan professional
  • Gnossem traffic grew from 400% in the United States from their Maserati event

lisa crosswhite - Refashion Podcast


Quotes from Lisa

“Don’t think about your brand itself in baby steps, think internationally acclaimed from the beginning. And then from that stand point, who do I want to collaborate with? How do I want to pitch it? How do I create brand value?”

“These partnerships happened because we rolled up our sleeves and we were those annoying people who cold called. You start at the bottom and you climb your way up.”

“If you’re not ready to go on stage, just act like you are and eventually you’ll sink into the moment.”

“You’re not selling you today. You’re selling you in the future and oh my god it’s so amazing you better jump in on it.”

“The first step in becoming international is to really grow traction in a really big online retail market.”

“In the last 10 years, Singapore has really matured in their own fashion offerings and it’s been expedited in the last five years.”

“Guard your faith in your idea from doom sayers.”

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