RF34: Finally Get Out of Your Head & Create Your First $3K with Mary Vallarta

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Mary Vallarta wants to help us all to get our shit done…finally ♥

Hi Guys,

As fall approaches sometimes it gets easier for us to slip into holiday cruise control mode. I know it doesn’t feel like it just yet, but that time is coming quick and I want to make sure we all have enough steam and motivation to keep giving 100% of ourselves to get our shit done.

I mean Matt and I just booked two flights for Thanksgiving and Christmas which means the end of the year is just a whisper away.

Our guest today, Mary Vallarta, Co-Founder of the FAB Counsel specializes in getting shit done so much so she even hosts an online course about it. She’s the kind of gal we want in our corner.

In a past life Mary was a buyer for Macy’s, BCBG & Bebe and today with FAB Counsel she consults fashion businesses on their marketing strategy, community building, brand development and launch strategies. She’s also hosting a fashion meets travel and beauty event at Wanderlust Hollywood called The Collective on Oct. 21. The badass Lauryn Evarts from The Skinny Confidential and previous guest on our show will be speaking so you’ll be able to meet her IRL!

Sounds super impressive, right? Of course it does. But, as you’ll hear in this episode, it hasn’t been crystal clear or easy for Mary this entire time. It usually isn’t but we idealize that it should. If that sounds like you, which is basically everyone at some point during our lives, come listen in and hear her share her story as she transitioned from being a fashion buyer to entrepreneurial educator.

mary vallarta, the collective conference, fab council, refashion podcast, fashion business

This episode is all about getting out of your head and finding ways to build passive income for your business, specifically in online courses. Mary only had 100 people in her email list and 200 Facebook followers when she made her first course. That same course also made $3,000 after sending just one email to that list of 100 people. I know, you can do it too.

We all can, we just need to get out of our heads. Moral of the story is, get something out if you want to. You don’t need a massive tribe to start building valuable assets that make you money.

You guys, I’m super interested in this, so we’ll absolutely have another episode about building info products and getting curious other passive revenue streams. Today is our intro to help us ease into taking risks to build supplemental revenue streams.


xx Cristina


The Collective: Use code REFASHION30 for 30% off your tickets
♥ Early bird prices for her new online course, The Digital Marketing Lab

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