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Today, we’re talking to Sarika Doshi, CEO & Co-Founder of Rank & Style. With startup and business building experience and three years of international corporate law under her belt, Sarika leads content, strategy, public relations, business development and fundraising efforts. Listed as one of the “100 Most Creative People in Business” by Fast Company, Rank & Style is also the winner of the $50,000 Founders of the Future Challenge with Fashion Tech Forum and Elle Magazine.

Rank & Style’s mission is to simplify and revolutionize how consumers discover their next favorite products.

Monetization Strategy

Each Top 10 list is paired with two buy links that generate a small commission. The business will eventually move into partnerships and sponsorships with lifestyle, fitness and travel brands, and lastly, they’re exploring licensing out their technology.

Business Challenge

Maintaining their commitment to objectivity in the face of commercial temptation and also the pressure to move faster.

Success Strategy

Find ways to develop a really thick skin and stick to your core values and aspirations. “Expansion should always be thoughtful and stable.”

What’s Next for Business

They’re launching a newly redesigned site next month with 20 lists per week. They’re in fundraising mode, raising a $1.5Million seed round to expand into menswear, lifestyle, maternity and bridal and also planning to get more personalized by building out user profiles.

Exit Strategy

Sarika can image a lot of different exits including interest for an acquisition from a large content platform and similar interest from large multi-brand retailers.


Fashion Tech Advice

  1. Look for opportunities defined with “what’s missing here?” and “what’s a problem can we solve?”
  2. “Become an expert quickly and immerse yourself within the industry.”


Quotes from Sarika, the “List DJ” (Sonal & Pooja on the left and middle)

Rank & Style - Refashion Podcast - Fashion Tech

“I’ve never worked so hard and yet it’s never felt less like work.”

“Whatever you do, there’s really no wrong answer because you’re going to pivot anyways.”

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