RF33 | Celebrity Surprise, Photography Tips & Living Your Perfect Day with Valorie Darling Photography [Part II]

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If you weren’t already a Valorie Darling Photography groupie, just wait ♥

Are you guys ready to jump right back into our two part episode with Valorie?! I am.

If you haven’t listened to part one, go spike that coffee, and prepare for your morning to be dazzled. Seriously!

I can’t wait for you guys to hear the things this girl is cooking up in part two. Did you guess who she’s working with?

If you haven’t already creeped on her Instagram page, here’s a massive clue. Eeek!

BTS / Lauren Bushnell x Valorie Darling / Luna Bay Films from Luna Bay Films on Vimeo.

I’ll let you listen in to see HOW she and Lauren Bushnell are working together. It’s big news.

I’m more than certain that your vibe attracts your tribe. Remember Emily McDonald from episode 28, she also works with Lauren. Call us fan girls or lady bosses with big goals (yes, that’s you too), we flock together.

A few other surprises are sprinkled in too. Who doesn’t love a good surprise?!

Also in this episode we talk about something important to all of us: good photography.

Whether we’re creating beautiful content for our websites, growing our Instagram accounts or learning how to be a genius behind the lens, there’s always room to master the art of visual storytelling. And, we have the perfect expert to teach us how to cure the ugly and how to create the beautiful.

Now I’m not going to spoil it all, but one of Valorie’s tips deserves the lime light.

valorie darling photography, refashion podcast, lauren bushnell

I know first hand how difficult visual storytelling can be in the beginning. As a photographer you’ll want to first figure out what moves you and as a blogger or business owner you’ll want to find your unique voice. This is Valorie’s gift and what makes her stand out as a photographer.

Listen in to catch all of Valorie’s photography tips, gear and secrets to happiness. But here are the cliff notes…


Un Um – schedule, edit and theme your Instgram
VSCOCAM – develop your signature filter and test photos next to each other


Prime 50mm L1.8 lens



Grab your Titos!

xx Cristina

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