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Rachel Arthur - WGSN - Refashion.co
Rachel Arthur: Can Fashion Go TOO Tech? on the Refashion.co Podcast

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Rachel Arthur is a New York-based, British business journalist and digital content strategist. As the global senior editor of digital media and marketing at leading fashion trade publication and trend forecaster WGSN, she oversees coverage of the industry from a communications, branding and technology standpoint. She is a regular speaker on conference panel​s, an advisor on digital strategy to leading retail brands, and host for the company’s monthly Google Hangout series with industry leaders. Her work can also be seen in The Daily Telegraph, Mashable and The Business of Fashion, and on her own tech-focused site, Fashion & Mash. She has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Advertising Age, The Evening Standard and Elle magazine.

What is WGSN? A leading fashion trend forecasting and analysis service.

Podcast Deep Dive

  • Leveraging what you already do to create an interesting blog (3:09)
  • Rachel’s stand on fashion tech (4:45)
  • Trends vs. developments when using social media(6:45)
  • Current trends in fashion and tech (10:20)
  • Deep dive into Fendi’s drone campaign (11:25)
  • Burberry as the leader in digital innovation (13:35)
  • Burberry’s partnership with WeChat to strengthen online presence in China (17:42)
  • How Burberry used data to increase sales conversions with digital millennials (19:05)
  • The Burberry Kisses Campaign (19:33) “I love it. it was so clever and a great integration of content and Google Earth. It was executed really nicely and also was really subtle in it’s product integration.”
  • Giving your consumer an additional reason to be interested in your brand. We look at Toms and Uniqlo (22:00)
  • Other industries using tech well (23:10)

    “I don’t mean it’s a bad thing in any way. [What I mean when we say tech for tech’s sake is that you] jump on the bandwagon for a big tech initiative because it will drive press coverage for you. It’s a bit gimmicky and a bit fun, but it ultimately doesn’t resonate with your consumer and it isn’t going to achieve you anything additional in terms of engagement.”

    Interesting Goodies:

  • Rachel’s first piece seven years ago was encouraging brands to use Twitter. Boy, have we come a long way.
  • Rachel is a self proclaimed technophile and nerd at heart
  • Rachel personally believes drones will be completely relevant for retailers
  • Things to consider for your next campaign

      1. What are you KPI’s?
      2. What value are you providing your customer?
      3. Are you offering your customer an additional reason to be interested in your brand?
      4. Are you using the tech at hand really well?

    Quotes from Rachel
    “The way that fashion and technology come together is all about creativity.”

    “Rather than seeing trends in the industry, we’re really seeing developments. It’s about using the technology that we have now really, really well.”

    “There’s a move away from shorter term initiatives with shorter term results.”

    “I literally can’t stop talking about wearables, Drones and tracking devices. Artificial intelligence and cognitive computing seem to be coming up constantly internally around the office.”

    “Burberry has done a phenomenal job at being the go to brand for digital innovation.”

    “We’re seeing a lot of really nice stuff at the moment around the idea of resonance based on utility. Really giving the consumer something really practical or educational.”

    Visit Rachel’s news site at Fashion and Mash for more insight.

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