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Stop trying to build your business alone!

Become a Refashion Member and each month ask your burning questions to the founders who dominate the business of fashion. We like to call them our Chic Advisors.
Refashion Members also get:

  • Access to Monthly Mentor Sessions
  • Participate in Live Q&A with Top Fashion Experts
  • Stream Past Mentor Sessions

Program Deets:


If there is one thing that we’ve experienced first-hand, it’s that you can’t build a successful business alone. You need an amazing team and a slew of mentors who can provide knowledge, experience and resources where needed most.

We’ve also realized in our own search that finding mentors who GET your business’s unique challenges and who have the time and wherewithall to help, is not always the easiest. Don’t worry, we have your back.

This is why we created the Refashion Mentor Program (RMP).

The RMP allows brands from around the world to get advice from top experts in the the industry across various topics. We make it simple and efficient to connect with mentors who can make an impact on your business in the areas that matter TODAY.

Program Structure

Each month we’ll feature 2-3 expert mentors who donate an hour and a half to meet and speak with our members about their businesses. You’ll have the opportunity to sign up for a 15 minute session to ask your burning questions while Refashion Members listen in. After your session, you may also have the opportunity to contact your mentor if they allow.

As the number of Refashion Members grows, we’ll continue to add more mentors each month so we can make sure to get your business challenges solved! If you have a specific mentor you’d like us to feature, please send your suggestions to: cristina(at)

By joining the Refashion Mentor Program, you also get access to previously recorded mentor sessions and listen to questions from other founders who are dealing with similar obstacles as your business. Over time, these sessions will be recorded and searchable in our database.

Member Details


  • *Limited Time Founding Member Price
  • Access to Monthly Mentor Sessions
  • Participate in live Q&A with Top Fashion Experts
  • Stream Past Mentor Sessions

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*Founding Members will lock into this membership price forever as a thank you for helping make Refashion possible. This means that you will never pay more than your beginning monthly fee…even when membership increases.