RF40 Japan Highlights and Pro Tips for a Goal Busting 2017

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Are you ready to hear our Japan highlights?!

Konnichiwa lovers!

First, I had no idea I was capable of chatting for over 40 minutes on my own, but that’s what happened during this episode. We’re back from our 18 day trip through Japan and I guess I just needed a moment to myself to share all the amazing details about our adventure with all of you.

Guys, Japan was pretty incredible and beyond our wildest dreams. It’s like no other country we’ve been to. Everything is over the top in Tokyo and we loved it. From the larger than life neon signs and the overcrowded streets to the wild night life and entertainment, Japan has got it going on.

japan highlights, toyko tips, refashion podcast

So in this crazy ridiculous 40 minute podcast with just moi, I share all our epic Japan highlights, the places we’d recommend you visit and other pro tips for traveling through Japan because there’s no question about it, you all have to go.

Ok, onto goal busting…

And since we’re at the beginning of a brand new beautiful year and Mercury in Retrograde is officially over as of yesterday, it’s the perfect time to start things newly.

My friend Jennie told me last week that when Mercury is in Retrograde, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the things you’re especially proud of so that’s what I did last week.

Boy oh boy oh boy, I recommend that you open up an hour in your calendar, grab a glass of green tea (loving my new Japanese green tea) and go through your 2016 calendar week by week and write down everything that went well.

Just wait, you’re gonna want to call your best friend and shout from the rooftops what an incredible year it was. While you’re at it, shoot me an email or share on social some of your highlights! I want to hear!

Ok, now that you’ve reflected, I like to think about the feelings that I felt during those moments. Was I feeling empowered? Adventurous? Innovative? Connected? Then, I like to start brainstorming new opportunities that will spark those feelings and emotions and begin writing those down.

Before you know it, you’ll have a new list of goals for the new year. But that’s not my pro tip for 2017.

My pro tip is GRATITUDE.

Listen in to hear three tips that I actually practice to stay grateful and positive throughout the year because let’s face it, gratitude and positive thinking are the foundations for any forward momentum, goal slaying and overall happiness.

Let me know what you think about my pro tips and I wanna hear what rituals have worked for you for staying positive.

So glad to be back! Full Japan itinerary blog post coming soon with pics, promise!

xo Cristina


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