RF29 | How Simply Stylist’s Sarah Boyd Sold Out Her 1st Event in 3 Months

sarah boyd, simply stylist, event marketing

Sarah quit her job and sold out her first event and so can you!

Hey everyone!

Hands up if you’ve ever thought about quitting your job, but were too scared to?? LOL. Hopefully you love your job, but let’s be real, the thought has come up for a lot of us.

What about this…

Have any of you ever thought of organizing your own event but chickened out because you were afraid no one would show up?

I’m guilty of this one.

Well, this week’s guest, Sarah Boyd, founder of Simply Stylist Inc. didn’t let fear stop her in creating a business that blended her passion for connecting people and fashion. She’s even inspired me to put on my first event for YOU. Details coming soon. Very, very soon.

Meet Sarah

Sarah Boyd, Founder of Simply Stylist Inc.

Sarah boyd, simply stylist, refashion podcast, event marketing, events, fashion event

If you’re in the fashion or beauty industries, you’ve probably attended one of Sarah’s events. They always sell out and bring together the hungriest, most passionate go-getters in our industries.

What is Simply Stylist

Simply Stylist is an annual fashion & beauty conference in LA, Chicago & NY and monthly learning sessions here in LA. Each conference brings in around 400-750 women and men who are looking to network and get their foot into the door in either the fashion or beauty industries. Get this, each conference is hosted by Catt Sadler of E! News and has a number of panelists and experts you’d easily recognize.

Think the best in the industry like Tyra Banks, Alessandra Ambrosio, Jaime Chung, Aimee Song and Brad Goreski.

The workshops are held at The Grove once a month with a new topic and teacher each time.

Simply Digital Network

Simply Inc. (her umbrella company) represents celebrity bloggers under their division Simply Digital Network. She started with just a few friends – mainly previous speakers from her events – and now offers strategy, monetization and partnership consulting.

One client, led to two, which led to Olivia Colpo, Catt Sadler and Alessandra Ambrosio. Through word of mouth they now have a roster of 14 clients and are aiming to get to 20-30 clients by the end of 2016.

Sarah boyd, simply stylist, refashion podcast, event marketing, events, fashion event

So how did Sarah get her start in events….

Sarah came from a career fashion PR but just wasn’t enjoying it anymore. She quit her job and gave her self a goal: three months to put together her first event.

Bold, right?

She pulled in all her favors from her contacts through her PR job, worked her magic with the W Hotel for a great introductory rate, and boom, her first event was born.

Not only did she do it, her first event SOLD OUT with 750 attendees!

That first event went so well, they launched New York right after and Chicago a year later after that.

But it wasn’t all easy breezy….

Sarah boyd, simply stylist, refashion podcast, event marketing, events, fashion event

Those Early Event Partnerships

“I had to go seek expertise in areas where I wasn’t an expert in,” says Sarah.

She partnered with a company that specialized in sponsorships to help create her first sponsorships deck.

“I created a vision board and still have it to this day. It’s funny because about 90% of it came true. Like huge dream goals.”

Like The Grove, Citi Bank & Top Shop.

Sarah boyd, simply stylist, refashion podcast, event marketing, events, fashion event

“My life motto is don’t sweat the small stuff, because if you keep freaking out about the  simple things, you won’t ever finish.”

How to Sell Out Your First Event

♥ Ramp up your staff – Hire a PR and social media team to help in the areas you need it. Be real with yourself
♥ Promote HARD on social media and other media outlets
♥ Host giveaways with other brands
♥ Partner with local influencers to give away tickets
♥ Don’t stop hustling. Even during those last minutes
♥ Ask for help. You can’t do it alone

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