RF31: Custom Shoes, Divorce & Confidence in Your 30s with Jodie Fox of Shoes of Prey

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Shoes of Prey Co-Founder, Jodie Fox gets raw with us this week…

Hello, hello, hello. Happy podcast Tuesday!

First things first. I’m not even going to pretend that it hasn’t been nearly a month since I got a new episode to you.

I can’t.

The truth is, I over committed myself without a plan and got overwhelmed.

Can you guys relate to something similar?

So what’s the plan now? I took the advice of this week’s guest!

shoes of prey, jodie fox, refashion podcast, cristina quitania, fashion tech

Yup. I locked myself down and made a detailed list of everything that needs to be done and everything I’d like to do more of. Then, I broke a part each activity and decided which ones are helping me grow and which ones were busy work. Thinking back to our episode with Lauryn from The Skinny Confidential, I took it further and hired an assistant on Upwork to help with the smaller tasks and wow, what a HUGE difference that’s made already. I’ll share more about that in an upcoming post because outsourcing and delegation deserve their own chapter basically.

Also, I had a drastic shift in mindset and took the time to create measurable goals.

Instead of clouding my mind with limiting thoughts like,

“Oh my god, how am I going to get this done?” or “I don’t have time to do all of this,”

I shifted my thoughts to reflect an empowering and curious mindset.

So, something playful like this instead…

“What do I get to today to help me reach my goal?” 

These small shifts in mindset, coupled with taking these bite sized steps forward as Jodie suggests, have made all the difference for me.

The next time you’re feeling overwhelmed in your business, test it out and let me know how it goes for you.

But back to the good stuff: Shoes of Prey

Can you believe we’re already on episode 31?! I love it. This week I drove down the street (literally) to meet Jodie Fox, co-founder of Shoes of Prey. If you don’t already know, Shoes of Prey is the Australian, now LA based company, making every woman’s shoe dream come true by making it super easy to design custom footwear.

Jodie shares her inspiring story from being a lawyer turned entrepreneurial shoe goddess and brings the knowledge on emotional intelligence, structuring partnerships and the importance of good old fashion girl time.

We focused on some big conversations that I know we’ve all pondered at some point:

♥ how to deal with uncomfortable compliments in the workplace
♥ are networking events even worth it
♥ strategic partnerships and how to build them / specifically her partnerships with Butter London & Nordstrom
♥ being married to your business partner & later getting a divorce. How do you deal?
♥ why your 30’s are so liberating

shoes of prey, jodie fox, refashion podcast, cristina quitania, fashion tech
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