RF7 | Swan – The Kim Kardashian Experience That Will Boost Your Productivity in 60 Seconds

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The Kim Kardashian Experience That Will Boost Your Productivity in 60 Seconds

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Julia Andalman is an entrepreneur, writer, UX designer, Fortune 500-trained marketer, motivational presenter, and seeker of knowledge above of all. She was the lead UX designer for one of the most used apps in the world before launching her own startup, Swan.

Our first beauty startup!

What is Swan? Manicures, pedicures, blowouts, makeup, spray tans. Delivered straight to your doorstep.

Podcast Deep Dive

    1. How/when/why to apply for accelerator program like DreamIt
    2. Identifying your target customer
    3. Initial marketing strategies to engage with your target customer
    4. Testing your MVP with your customer
    5. Determining your use cases
    6. Using trends to scale
    7. How to get pampered like Kim Kardashian


Juicy Tidbits

  • Swan was created when Julia was working for a top design college in Texas when she got tired of bringing her curling iron to work to get ready for evening networking events.
  • After curating her own team of makeup artists and hair stylists who would come to her office, she realized a lot of her friends wanted the same type of service too.
  • With Swan, you can signup for a beauty house call in less than 60 seconds!
  • 40% of women get a manicure twice a month which ends up being around a $21K lifetime spend on manicures!
  • An additional 10 appointments a week could generate an additional annual $25K revenue for a salon.
  • The team’s in the process of building an online beauty profile to help beauty professionals track their business!
  • Julia plans to expand Swan to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco in 2015.
  • Julia Quotes
    “At the early stage of company, anybody who says their success is luck is just kidding themselves. It really is a lot of blood, sweat and tears.”

    “You want a team that looks at your business as a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

    “Figure out what the most niche thing you can do and then go after it.”

    To see a full list of services and learn more about Swan visit www.iloveswan.com and head to iTunes to download the Swan app!

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