The Millennial’s Rules for Making Your Startup a Success


Meet Alexandra Keating, the Australian millennial changing the app game with her second venture (yes, gasp), DWNLD Media.

DWNLD is a one-click-to-publish custom app solution for any website in any vertical. Within five minutes you can build your own app and customize it within an app. At a flat rate of $15 a month, this sort of turn around and accessibility are unheard of. DWNLD also offers the potential to upgrade with analytics tools and push notifications.

DWNLD App Interface. Image via DWND

I was first alerted to DWNLD from my mentor, Liz B, and then came across an article from Chris Woods of The Tech Week Journal who saw Keating speak at the Creative3 Forum in Brisbane. He reported on Keating’s 10 Rules on being a “NON startup” Startup and the list is too brilliant not to repost. Entrepreneurs, take note. Me included, right?

  1. Don’t use the word “startup”
  2. No revenue means no business model
  3. You will have to pay to get customers, either directly or through PR/viral strategies – Keating values customers at $1.5 a pop
  4. No strategy meetings – if you have time for these, you’re not working fast enough
  5. Always be pivoting – pivot where the market is, at an average of 3 times per business
  6. You don’t need an original idea – “99% of successful startups don’t have an original idea; all [she] did was take an idea and make it more efficient online”
  7. Success is found in your team
  8. You can only launch once – know your landing goals, launch when the product works and not before, and send the media apps prior to launch to inspire emotional attachments and different angles
  9. Work towards business goals, not product goals – be wary of tech debt, and don’t over-engineer; if you’re not an engineer and you have a tech company than this is a big issue for you
  10. Know when and how to raise – don’t take dumb money, but the goals of business and product should be geared towards fundraising

Most impressive is at 29, Keating has already owned the crown of CEO at Go Fundraise, all while enrolled in University while all of us were shamelessly doing keg stands, and was the VP of Marketing & Partnerships at Thrillist.

In an interview with Refinery29, Keating shares the best advice she’s every received.

Just take time. Don’t be in a big rush to do something.

“I’ve [Keating] been in this company for a year and a half; we could’ve launched it six to eight months ago if we wanted to, but we can only launch once. Don’t try to make your company as successful as it can. Don’t go buy a bunch of traffic. Just take your time in terms of getting there organically.”

Keating closes her talk at Creative by sharing, “I think the biggest thing is connecting, finding those outstanding people, finding a way to help them and connect them with financial opportunities for them to further themselves. Whether that be through incubators or whatever those platforms are, really give them the platform and connections for them to drive their own path.”

Coming from a digital agency myself, I’m very curious to play around with a DWNLD app. I’ll be sure to share my full report once I do. In the meantime Refashioners, I’ll be posting this top 10 on my bulletin board.

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