The New Guest List Diss at New York Fashion Week

Party crash at your own risk fashionistas. There’s a new digital bouncer in town and he’s armed with the goods on you.

This week, zkipster, a new guest-list app and zFace, his sneaky picture matching search engine companion, will be deployed at Fashion Week events for Armani, French fashion house, Maison Martin Margiela and Moncler. Maison Martin Margiela is no rookie to the app either. “Since first using zkipster at an event we hosted in NYC in October 2012, we’ve used it at the door for the eight fashion shows we do a year and for all of our events,” says a rep of the brand.

Using an iPad, iPhone or any Windows 8 device, hosts can check guests in within two seconds, edit the guest list in real time and send email and text alerts when specific guests arrive. The app boasts over one million check-ins [since early Jan 2014] in 41 countries and 334 countries, has wiped out 568 miles of line and eliminated 5,556 hours of wait time.

“I don’t think we can kill gate-crashing 100 percent. We just made a tool to make it much harder in the future,” David Becker, a founder of zkipster, said to the New York Times. “If people are still smart enough to crash the gate with faces on the list, they should go for it. I think it’s a beautiful sport.”

zkipster’s mission is to change the way brands run events, so kick off those Emanuel Ungaro leather sandals and either hop on the couch or bolt through the line. You decide, but don’t say we didn’t warn ya.

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