RF2 | The Secret Sauce Behind Zappos’ Killer Customer Service

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Will Young of Zappos Labs Shares the Secret Sauce Behind Killer Customer Experience on the Refashion Podcast

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As the Director of Zappos Labs, Will Young currently leads the San Francisco team, goaled with developing partnerships and building great products through experimentation, incubation, and off-roadmap projects. Will’s innovative and practical solutions fuel his passion for technology and interest in solving business problems.

Will is also a Partner with the VegasTechFund, a seed stage investment fund started by Zappos CEO Tony Hseih, focused on empowering amazing founders and startups passionate about building community in downtown Las Vegas.

What is Zappos Labs: R&D for Zappos really focused on leading retail trends. Big question: How to take Zappos’ customer service to the next level.

Podcast deep dive:

  • Zappos Retail Experiments
  • Next Gen Customer Service
  • Customer Service on a Budget
  • How can Fashion Tech startups stand out to investors
  • Interesting Goodies:

  • Back in the day, instead of spending big budgets on fancy pants marketing, Zappos poured money into their call center.
  • Tony read every customer email until they were a $1 Billion company
  • Zappos was one of first brands to use Twitter for customer service.
  • Will loves cashmere. Shout out to Combat Gent!
  • Will’s fantasy world has a Zappos popup shop! What?
  • Don’t be creepy and add Will on Facebook. Whoops.
  • The Zappos Secret Sauce

  • Surprise & Delight.
  • Less is more
  • Learn everything about your business. Even the unsexy
  • Service throughout the entire cycle
  • Now it’s your turn to look, what do you now see possible for business after listening to our conversation with Will?

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