ThirdLove Founders Talk Lingerie, Personalized Fit and Computer Vision

ThirdLove Mobile App Perfect Bra Fit
ThirdLove Mobile App Sizes You Up


This week, Victoria Young sits down with MIT alum and ThirdLove founders David Spector and Heidi Zak to talk lingerie, personalized fit and their patented computer vision technology. Get the exclusive details from their interview here.

Luxurious, custom tailored lingerie has been transported from the streets of Paris to the ThirdLove design room in San Francisco. With patented computer vision technology, parent company MeCommerce, has launched its first mobile app and e-Commerce company, ThirdLove, to bridge the gap between high end European lingerie and mass-produced bras of the United States. ThirdLove is defining an era that is a more sophisticated and evolved e-Commerce experience by allowing everyone to have a personal shopper within their smartphone.

The ThirdLove mobile app is beautifully simple, requiring only two quick selfies in a form-fitting tank top and bra to accurately compute the perfect fit bra for you. How do they achieve this? Unlike most virtual fit companies currently in the space, which are are enterprise solutions that require 3D body scams or utilize 3D cameras such as the Kinect, ThirdLove has discovered computer vision technology that can quickly and accurately extract the correct measurements from a simple photo from a smartphone.

“What really excites me is leveraging new technology and putting it in the hands of the consumer. We can use this data to build better products and improve the personalized shopping experience. We have a level of data that no company has. We understand what does or doesn’t work for certain body types and use it directly in our design process, which is why it’s so important that we are a vertically integrated brand.”

Even more exciting, ThirdLove is revolutionizing eCommerce entirely by being vertically integrated, with product design and manufacturing in-house to ensure an accurate fit and the best quality. Having everything in-house allows ThirdLove to guarantee the best fit and ensure that the high quality materials can be personalized – from the strap to the lace. ThirdLove’s current assortment includes 60 styles including bras, camisoles, and bottoms.

At ThirdLove, we want to make bras that fit every woman. To do that, we had to go beyond the conventional sizes offered by traditional bra manufacturers.

“We’ve added half cups and additional band sizes, vastly improving on the existing sizing scale used by other bra manufacturers. And this has proven to be huge. Based on our testing, we’ve learned that many women are actually half sizes. That means ThirdLove can provide these women with a bra that actually fits for the first time in their lives.”

ThirdLove is also focusing on curated, exclusive collections. For Valentine’s day the design team was inspired by film noir, resulting in a dark, lovely, and mysterious collection that features bold pops of jewel tones that contrast with deep black tones. The fabrics range from ultra sleek microfiber to sexy sheer meshes to and luxurious lace.

What’s next for ThirdLove…

To inspire women for the Spring and Summer, ThirdLove’s collection will feature gorgeous floral hues of violet hydrangea, pretty pinks, and translucent smoky grays. Stay tuned then also for brand new styles, including a dream memory foam t-shirt bra and a full coverage lace bra that is designed to be the prettiest and most supportive bra in the market.

“Most e-Commerce websites don’t know who you are. ThirdLove is completely personalized: we only show you models that are your size. We would never show you product that doesn’t fit your body.”
Combining the best of lingerie with the best in technology with ThirdLove, meCommerce is hoping to expand into other clothing categories in the future.

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