This genius shopping hack will blow every girl’s mind

Spolier: If you’re not using Honey to automatically find and try coupon codes, you’re wasting a ton of money and time.

Savings From Honey

If you’re like me, you loooove shopping online. You’re also like me if before you purchase, you feverously search for and test coupons codes…even though they rarely end up working.

Recently a friend introduced me to Honey, a free browser tool that searches the internet for discounts and automatically applies the best one when you checkout – I know, sounds amazing, right?

So I downloaded Honey and went to Madewell to buy the boots I’ve had my eyes on for a few months. After I put the boots in my cart, Honey popped up and let me know there were savings available (see image below).

Within seconds, Honey automatically tested all of the coupon codes it found across the internet and automatically applied the best deal!

Within the time that I would have tested 1 or 2 coupons, Honey had tested everything. What’s most exciting about Honey is that you don’t even need to remember to use it.

There you go. *VOILA* Honey saves you money (and tons of time). Genius, right?

Get Honey for free HERE.


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