Tips for Starting a Fashion Tech Business From Entrepreneur Magazine

It’s an exciting time to be in fashion technology as digital disrupts a glamorous, multi-billion dollar global enterprise, says Entrepreneur Magazine. As part of the magazine’s, Project Grow series, they sit down to chat with Rishi Prabhu of Bespoke Post, Jose De Cabo of Olapic and Amanda Graber of Notorious to get their best advice for starting up in fashion tech.

Rishi Prabhu, Co-Founder of Bespoke Post – subscription gift service for men

It can be tough to get consumers to sign on…

“The biggest challenge across any fashion tech company is acquiring customers, figuring out what channels are the rights ones to do that, how to do it in a cost effective manner and how not to degrade the brand.”

Rishi’s biggest piece of advice: Iterate and test how to acquire customers in an efficient manner. Everything from the image, to the copy on the image, to the placement of that image will really effect your click-through rates.

Jose De Cabo, Co-founder Olapic– visual commerce platform that helps brands collect photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

It’s difficult to get big name retailers to embrace technology…

“Usually when you mention user generated content to a brand, they’re like “Oh no. We’re aspirational.” You have to really prove there is a real ROI in doing it and that they’re going to sell more and engage their community even further.”

Jose’s biggest piece of advice: Being close to a fashion hub is very relevant

Amanda Graber, Co-founder, Notorious – mobile app that links users to personal stylists

As an industry, fashion tech is moving fast. Sometimes a little too fast…

“We’re constantly coming up with really cool ideas and receive strategic feedback that we want to implement and sometimes the technology simply hasn’t been built. While that’s really cool because we get to curate our own platform, that can take time, and when you’re moving at a very fast pace, that can be very frustrating.

Amanda’s biggest piece of advice: Seek a great mentor

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