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Publishers, that means you fellow bloggers! Are you ready to transform your editorial into a shoppable experience for your readers? Yes, you heard right. Heather Marie, Founder and CEO of 72Lux and her brilliant team, have created a shoppable Saas technology that enables publishers to sell the products they feature through a single, white label universal checkout.

Already in use by The Wall Street JournalTeen VogueEssence Magazine and an impressive array of prestigious retailers and brands, 72luxe’s shoppable technology allows you to leverage editorial content to drive branding, press, sales and marketing, truly creating an entirely NEW revenue stream for retailers and publishers. That’s you bloggers!!

The benefits of 72Lux’s shoppable technology isn’t just for the retailers and publishers either. There are major benefits for the consumer (your readers). It allows users a way to instantaneously purchase the products they’re reading about on different publishers websites and even your blog. Readers no longer have to click off the site to shop. Your blog is now transformed into a uniquely curated shop of all the coolest brands your readers already covet for. Your readers will die and your revenues will soar. According to Dee Salomon, Senior Parner of MediaLink, “the revenues can be double, even triple of that of affiliates.”

Heather believes “the publishing business is going through a dramatic  evolution and ecommerce is the next logical step to their growth. 72lux is helping retailers bring their products to where the consumers already are, and enabling publishers to implement their ecommerce strategies. Now they can make their existent content shoppable.”

My opinion you ask? Heather and team are revolutionizing the the shopping experience and are expanding ways to bolster blogging revenue strategies. 72Lux is really a win-win for publishers, retailers and consumers alike. With blogger outreach now being a critical part of amplifying any content marketing strategy, this is our chance for major monetization. So, fellow bloggers, now that you have the information and the technology available to you, what are you waiting for?  It’s time to turn those revenue dreams into revenue streams!




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