RF32 | Trusting Your Gut & Not Your Excuses With Valorie Darling [Part I]

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“If you’re living out your best life, you want that for other people as well.”- Valorie Darling

Gosh, where do I even begin??

This week we’re chatting with one of the most talented and down to earth photographers in town, Valorie Darling. I’m telling you, she’s so fun, open and easy breezy, you’ll quickly understand why her list of celebrity clients and jetset photography adventures keeps on growing. I mean, check out her Instagram.

Quick question. Did you know exactly what you wanted to do with your career right off the bat? Probably not, right? BUT, you probably believed everyone else had their lives figured out and teared up over a few glasses of wine wondering why not you. Don’t worry. Same.

This episode is full of truth bombs. Valorie gets real about not knowing exactly what she wanted to do in the career department for a while there. The thing is, most of actually don’t (I know, sigh of relief), and I don’t want to spoil too many of Valorie’s tips, but it’s through trial and error, saying a lot of yes’s and finally just picking a passion and becoming obsessed about it, when you start to hone in on your craft.

valorie darling, refashion podcast, LA photographer, valorie darling photography
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Valorie has been an actor, a dancer, a dog walker, a blogger, and even created a non-profit which was the thing that led her to photography. And look at her today. Today she shoots some of our favorites like Lauren Conrad, Lauren and Ben Higgens from the Bachelor and a whole Instagram page that drips other fashion brands, bloggers and TV stars we’re all in love with.

ENJOY! There’s a little surprise at the ending. Let me know what you think!

xx Cristina

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Valorie Darling Photography
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