What to Expect and How to Prepare For a FashionTech Event

reFashion.co at TechWeekLA
reFashion.co at TechWeekLA

Break free from business-as-usual thinking and disregard your typical dress code, and there you have, the FashionTech event. We just returned from TechWeekLA, a two day conference celebrating technology across different industries with an entire day and evening dedicated to the intersection of fashion and technology, alas, FashionTech Summit.

FashionTech is the hottest topic in tech. From controversial opinions of its overall importance to the tech world, to what it actually means, and to what we find most interesting, the direct correlation to the rise in female entrepreneurship.

Expect the unexpected at a FashionTech event. It’s an exhilarating experience of visual storytelling from content, wardrobe to experience. The sheer volume of new ideas coming out of the fashion industry and events like FashionTech Summit prove that there’s tremendous opportunity in FashionTech. This year has just been a launchpad for bigger ideas, business and events to come, so we give you, What to Expect at a FashionTech Event:

    1. A culture of young innovators
    To quote a tweet from Arabella Santiago, Marketing + Communication’s Director at Scoop.it, FashionTech Summit hosted “Incredible young people solving world problems with real tech.” These young innovators are enamored over the world of entrepreneurship and the endless amount of possibility it offers. There is so passion, interest and energy present. Believe us, FashionTech events are filled to the brim with individuals turning their passions into their business through nothing but hard work, dedication and an
    astounding amount of courage.

    2. Dress
    Get noticed. We wore beautiful big hats and used this look to our advantage with our social and networking strategies. We used Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to have attendees find our hats to set up impromptu meetings and also to create an easy conversation opener. FashionTech events are made to stand out and to be unique. It’s not only fun, but is also a very smart strategy for getting lots of face time with the people you’re there to rub elbows with.

    TechWeekLA reFashion hats
    reFashion.co loves Zara! These hats are amazing

    3. Get social
    Get on your social game and Twitter & Instagram are where it’s at. Use the event hashtag to get noticed and to take advantage of existing momentum while bringing new relevance and value to your brand. With the waterfall of tweets and instagram posts using #techweekla, it’s clear fashionistas the massive opportunity that earned media provides for their businesses. Take lots of photos and post the heck out of them. Follow and tweet before the event so you can be sure your brand is heard well before you step foot into the venue.

    4. Get ready to talk
    As the industry remains new, attendees, speakers and press are taking these opportunities to talk! Everyone is there to mingle, discover & share new approaches and to secure thought leadership in their unique expertise. Attendees and SPEAKERS are open and tenacious. You never know who you’re going to end up chatting with and what opportunities are available to you.

    TechWeekLA and Wendys Lookbook
    reFashion girls, Cristina and Raquel, with the sweet Wendy Nguyen from Wendy’s Lookbook

    5. A tech inspired runway show!
    First off, there are so many different things to do at a FashionTech event. From getting your shoes shines, being entertained by bar technologists and enjoying their fabulous cocktails, listening to pitches, participating in sessions, grooving to live music and mingling in the VIP lounge, there is also THE FashionTech Runway Show. The show is quite new to both fashion and tech as it combines the best elements of both worlds by revealing looks from emerging online retailers.

Fashion entrepreneurs continue to boldly innovate. We’re creating careers that were once unimaginable and in turn are inspiring millions. Curiosity is arousing. Techies are intrigued. The fashion industry just got savvier.

If you have a FashionTech event/forum/hackathon/meetup coming up, we want to know!

Check out the new reFashion.co YouTube Channel too to see our video from the event and hang tight for some exciting projects that developed during the event!

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