Will.I.Am: Pardon me for Dreaming, But F*** It, Let’s Make Fashion Tech


Pardon me for dreaming but f*** it let’s dream.

We all know by know that Will.I.Am is far more than a seven time Grammy winner music mogul these days. He’s a thought leader, owner of his own wearable tech company, i.am+, an investor, and now the producer of two wearable devices. Two weeks ago we all watched the big Dreamforce debut and read countless articles about Puls, his new wearable cuff that has a watch in it, but also has a GPS map system, a music player, fitness tracker that tracks your steps, weight and calories burned, social network sites like Facebook and Twitter, can hold 1 GB of memory, 16 GB storage, bluetooth connectivity, and runs on a proprietary OS.

There are leaders and there are followers. Followers follow leaders and leaders follow their hearts.

Beyond the buzz of the Puls, Will.I.Am is also a well respected investor in the fashion tech and wearable space. Recently, we sat down with Rebecca Mendel and Vika Kunar, owners of Bottom Line Consulting, and talked about his recent visit to Tel Aviv to scout investment opportunities and WiShi, the fashion recommendation engine he ultimately chose to invest in.

Listen to the interview to get the inside scoop and insights behind WiShi.


According to TechCrunch, future developments from i.am+ will include other devices with full communications such a jacket that powers the pulse, a backpack with a sound system, glasses that snap photos and shoes that tell you how much you weigh and how many steps you’ve taken.

Full interview about Will.I.Am’s most recent fashion tech investments here

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