Will Tom Ford Bang Out Sales with Sexy New E-Commerce Site?

Tom Ford Ecommerce Site
Will Tom Ford Bang Out Sales with Sexy New E-Commerce Site?

It’s no secret that sex sells and Tom Ford is the master sex salesman and provocateur. With Gucci and Yves St. Laurent, Ford has built an impressive track record from turning sexuality into high fashion glory, and continues his own legacy by taking sex to an entirely different level with his own name-sake label.

Ford says, “I am keyed into the female consciousness,” and there’s no denying him there. Debuting Tuesday morning, Ford’s new E-Commerce site screams buy me even though most of us don’t have $3,000 to spend on new heels. Judging by looks alone, Ford wins the trophy for hottest chick on the block, but for those who were hoping for even more raunch, we have a little secret for you. The site is even sexier from behind. No pun intended.

The team behind the new site had sex and sales at top of mind, creating an engine built for conversions. Good job team. From the responsive layout all the way to the easy checkout, but it’s also missing some important must-haves before we can call it a perfect dime piece.

Here’s our Love & Wish Lists for Tom Ford’s eCom Website:

Love List

    1. Responsive design
    2. Consistent customer journey across desktop, tablet and mobile
    3. Finger friendly tablet and mobile design
    4. Clear category structure
    5. Persistent Shopping Cart – Items remain in shopping bag when you continue to browse
    6. Guest Checkout – You don’t have to login or create an account
    7. Search – it actually works!
    8. Free shipping and returns in the US
    9. Same day delivery in Manhattan (although we don’t live there)
    10. Click & Collect – a promise in the near future allowing customers to shop online and pickup in store.

Tom Ford eCommerce Site

Wish List

    1. Fixed navigation for mobile or a “scroll to top” button. We don’t want to scroll all the way back to the top to find the menu bar
    2. Responsive typography to improve readability on text heavy pages ie. About page
    3. Zoom on product images across entire product ranges – we want to see details!
    4. Quicker load time on mobile
    5. Where are the half naked men?
Tom Ford Ecommerce Site Tom Ford Ecommerce Site

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