Wireless Armour: Undies That Protect Your Sperm

Joseph Perkins, Founder of Wireless Armour is an ambitious 26 year old who’s determined to be his own boss and to save the world’s troops. Not the troops that go to battle per se, but those little guys swimming around in your under carriage. Joseph has developed a premium men’s underwear line that protects your boys from Electromagnetic radiation (mouthful) and the gross bacteria that makes your junk smell. Joseph says the Electromagnetic shielding properties in their product blocks at least 99.99% of the radiation coming from any of your wireless devices all around the body giving you 360° of protection.

And, guess what ladies, they’re developing a bra next. They should talk to our friends at ThirdLove who’ve developed their own sizing technology that allows you to find your perfect fitting bra with just two selfies. Custom fitted bras that also protect from radiation? Yes, please.

Wireless Armour is currently running an IndieGoGo Campaign with a 30,000GPB –> $50,000USD goal ending May 28th. Check out their campaign to help them reach their goal and snag yourself or your man a pair of boxer briefs or trunks. I prefer the trunks if you ask me.

The Problem

Wireless Armour - Refashion.co

The Effects

Wireless Armour - Refashion.co

The Solution

Wireless Armour - Refashion.co

Why Wireless Armour

Wireless Armour - Refashion.co

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