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Never underestimate the power of word of mouth marketing

Last week, we had Emily McDonald from The Stylist LA on the podcast and we learned how she used Instagram’s direct message feature to land three of ABC’s The Bachelorette women as clients for her dress rental company. Such a go-getter.

Remember Emily’s words of wisdom…

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How it All Started…

As you remember from the episode, Emily started The Stylist LA out of her living room. At the time, she was working with Reformation’s founder, Yael Aflalo. Do you remember Yael’s first label, Ya-Ya? Well, the company went out of business (it happens!) and couldn’t afford to pay Emily in cash anymore but needed to sell the remaining of their merchandise. Emily agreed to get paid in dresses instead of cash and used those dresses as the first pieces to test her business idea, The Stylist LA.

Smart cookie!

Word of Mouth: Sorority Trunk Shows

After proving her concept in her living room she needed to get the word out at a larger scale.

She went back to her former USC sorority and decided to test the idea of trunk shows.

Unknowingly, what she started was a brand ambassador program at USC through the greek system. Brand ambassador programs are some of the best word of mouth strategies. This is how Snapchat and Tindr grew exponentially too. Emily was just first to do it 🙂

Again, this girl is always brainstorming and testing. You have to!

She empowered a girl at each chapter to host trunk shows for her sorority house. Through trial and error she found that commission wasn’t what the girls wanted as compensation. What they really wanted was a free rental which actually worked well for Emily because they then became a walking billboard for her company.

The strategy continues to work for Emily. The company still hosts trunk shows at sororities at USC, UCLA, LMU and Pepperdine.

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How to Set Up a Brand Ambassador Program [Word of Mouth]

♥ Figure out your goals first and foremost
♥ Find people who are pretty social and well connected. You want to be sure their peers listen to them
♥ Find out what drives your brand reps
♥ Know your value
♥ Be real

Listen to Emily’s full episode here

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